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“Like every other person on earth, I was born by the conglomerate of a man and woman. I was however, lucky to be born into the family of Alabi. My father was a loving man; likewise my mother.

I grew up in Nigeria, Africa to the notion that female children are aren’t given the respect as the other sex. Their rights are limited. Their opinions are not welcomed. Their suggestions are given less priority. Their lives are only appreciated location wise; in the kitchen.

Little did I know that my mother also passed through the same phase and experience.

My mother also was denied of schooling and getting educated. Kudos to my dad who, upon marrying my mother, ensured that she went to school.

I then began to question most of these things:

“why are she-creatures given an unappreciated attitude?”

“Why are men accrued more importance compared to women?”

“Are men born differently from women?”

“Why are women not allowed to exercise their full rights?”

“If women/girls were useless, unless in bed and in the kitchen, why were they created in the first place?”

“Was the school or education designed for the opposite sex but not the female child?”

Daily, I asked myself the above question and more.

One discovery I made was that, these beings were not allowed to go to school because they live in the rural areas and that implies that they were poor. Who would want to send a female that will still end up in the kitchen to school in the first place?

Then and however, I made a resolution in my mind that, if permitted to stay longer on earth and get my aspirations achieved, I will make sure I effect a change to the false notion that every women must end in the kitchen.

I determined to see to every female children within my capacity schooling and getting educated so they can discover, deploy and harness their potentials.

This is the essence of life.

And here we are, UGOMOLA FOUNDATION was birthed with a single goal in mind – to alleviate poverty. For this to happen, we have to make sure their human rights are well exercise and this can only be done via empowering them.

This is why we exist!”